What’s Trending in Kitchens in 2021?

If you prefer a modern look, you likely want to know what’s trending in kitchens in 2021. Let’s go over some of the biggest kitchen design and renovation trends, so you’ll know what’s hot right now. Then, a kitchen design company can help you incorporate these trends into your kitchen.

High-quality Quartz Countertops
Marble will never go out of style, but if you want to know what’s trending in kitchens in 2021, you can’t ignore quartz countertops. The upscale and modern look makes them a top choice in Westchester County and the rest of the country. Beyond looks, quartz is highly durable and easy to maintain. If you want elegant countertops without all the fuss, consider quartz.

Double Islands

People are opening up their kitchens and finding creative ways to fill the space. With that in mind, expect to see lots of double islands this year. This is becoming one of the most common kitchen renovation choices. You can’t help but love the extra counter space this kitchen design element provides, and it also looks luxurious.

Cabinets With Clean Lines

When looking at what’s trending in kitchens in 2021, you also can’t help but notice cabinets with clean lines. People are cutting back on the cabinet hardware in their kitchen design plans to fabulous results. The clean lines have a modern look that Westchester, NY, homeowners want when undergoing a kitchen renovation.

Pendant Lighting Over the Kitchen Island

Pendant lights are also making a splash in 2021. These fixtures provided much-needed light while also adding a new design element to the kitchen. Pendant lighting can be quite dramatic, so you can change the look of the kitchen immediately.